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Mobile Development

The world around us is becoming the mobile world and this is the future. BisLogics' Mobile Development Solutions provides software applications for mobiles. This expert mobiles unit gives us a competitive edge that we use to build the success of Customers who trust us.

BisLogics has been helping companies develop mobile applications for over a decade. BisLogics can develop, deploy, test and certify your applications leveraging application accelerators for faster time to market. Regardless of whether your app needs to run in J2ME, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BREW, RIM/Blackberry or others, BisLogics can help you deliver wireless apps faster, and more effectively.

BisLogics have worked on a broad variety of projects, from slick consumer apps to internal enterprise tools, from simplistic promo apps intended to support a brand to deeply complex pieces of software catering to specialized elite.

Our process begins with a conversation about strategy. Which platforms best suit your application's target market and technical needs? What are the tradeoffs between cost and coolness? The next stage is design and development. We design the user interface and create mockups of the finished product. This eliminates any ambiguity as to what we're working on during the next phase: coding and testing.


Why BisLogics

  • Client Focused
  • Employee Centric
  • Flexible Delivery & Talent on-Demand
  • Global Engagement Model
  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Innovation in Recruitment
  • Synergistic Work Culture
  • Effective and Timely Communication
  • Efficient Back Office
  • Effective Collaboration with Vendors & Partners
  • High quality and cost effective solutions
  • Maximize ROI of our custom-ers
  • Grow with Clients, Employees and Partners


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News Updates...

BisLogics opens Chennai operation - Sept 2009

BisLogics did set-up a new facility in Chennai, India. This facility is the latest addition to our organization's international network of locations in the United States and Asia Pacific providing truly global technology-based workforce solutions to clients across a range of sectors. Our top priorities coming years geared towards growth and expansion, this facility will prove to be advantageous to strengthen our service offerings.

BisLogics into mobile ecosystem - Feb 2010

With the State of art technology centers in the United States and Asia Pacific, BisLogics started engaged in Android based ERP/CRM Android Apps, Android Widget Development and as well Web Service Integration.

BisLogics secures MSA - Sept 2010

BisLogics secures Master Services Agreement to provide Information Technology Professional Services with Media company.

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